PRESS RELEASE: massacre on Gaza beach

June 12, 2006

The massacre on the beach of Gaza on Friday, 9 June, of 7 innocent

civilians, including children, women and old people, all members of the

same family, and causing injuries to dozens of others, is yet another of

the long list of crimes against humanity which have been carried out

by the Israeli Army in concurrence with its Government.

In addition, extrajudicial executions by Israeli war planes have, in the

last days, killed a further 7 Palestinians, including three civilians, and

injured up to 36 people. The extrajudicial execution on Thursday of a

high-ranking Hamas official of the Ministry of the Interior, Jamal Abu

Samhadana, in Rafah in the Gaza Strip, makes it apparent that Ehud

Olmert, Dan Halutz and Amir Peretz are ordering these attacks to

prevent any negotiations with Palestinian representatives. Even more

so, the Government of Israel is deliberately provoking violence and

retaliation by Hamas on Israelis in order to justify further its crimes

against the Palestinian people.

Over the last weeks more than 5,000 artillery shells have been fired by

the Israeli Army into the Northern Gaza Strip, causing countless

deaths and injuries. In addition, the sonic bomb attacks by the Israeli

air force over Gaza continue to traumatize those living there.

It is obvious that these acts by the Government of Israel, together

with its unilateral plans, are immoral, illegal, contravene international

law, and cause tragedy to Palestinians and ultimately, to its own


We wholeheartedly condemn these deplorable acts against a captive,

civilian, occupied people and wish to add the support of the European

Jews For a Just Peace to the Israeli peace groups which demonstrated

on 10 June in front of Dan Halutz’ home in Tel Aviv.

EJJP Executive Committee