Press release: EJJP fact-finding trip to Israel and the West Bank

February 9, 2006

The Occupation is not sustainable, the Occupation is illegal, the
Occupation must stop

EJJP is a federation of Jewish groups from many European countries, opposed to
the Occupation of the Palestinian territory. We back non-violent action aimed at
ending the Occupation – including boycott actions aimed against the occupation and
refusal of Israelis – reservists and draftees – to serve in the Occupied Territories.
The end of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land is the first and most
important precondition for peace

Several EJJP members and the executive committee of EJJP will be visiting Israel and
the West Bank in February. We know that the most important thing is in some ways the most
dangerous: to talk and to act, to prove that there is now and always has been, a partner for peace. We
can only set an example that we hope governments – including that of the EU, of the PA and of Israel –
will follow, which is why EJJP is:
 making a solidarity visit to Bil’in, to take part in the regular protests against the
Separation Wall/Barrier/Fence;
 to join in the international conference called to co-incide with the first
anniversary of the villagers’ non violent action against the Barrier;
 to hold its regular executive committee meeting there, as a demonstrative act
of solidarity;
 to meet with newly elected members of the Palestinian Legislative Council
 to buy and help re-plant, together with anti-Occupation, peace seeking Israelis
& Palestinians, olive trees uprooted by the Israeli Army and settlers;
On this trip, we will look for answers to the following questions, among others:
 Why is Israel afraid of non violent protests like those at Bil’in?
 Why does Israel provoke Palestinians by destroying houses, crops?
 Why will the EU not make demands on Israel as it makes demands on the
 What can civil society groups – in the absence of governmental action – do?
The villagers of Bil’in and their Israeli partners in the fight against the illegal
Occupation are engaged in what must be described as a brave, even heroic effort to
demonstrate that peace and security can only come about if people from both
sides work together and put their humanity first, not their religion or ideology.
EJJP Executive Committee
EJJP will hold a press conference at 7pm on Thursday 16th February, at the New Imperial Hotel,
Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem
For further information, please call
Dan Judelson + 44 779 339 2820 (until Feb 15th)
Dror Feiler 054 428 5577 (Israeli mobile, from Feb 16th)
European Jews for a Just Peace is a federation of Jewish Peace groups working and campaigning in 10 European countries