Lobbying Meetings March 2012

EJJP advocates for the European Union to use its undoubted potential leverage on Israel to insist that the Israeli government comes into compliance with international law in return for continuing to enjoy the privileges of the EU Israel Association Agreement. At the least, Israel should not enjoy any upgrades until it complies with international law.

Experience has shown that enhancing Israel’s benefits under the agreements does not bring compliance. Rather, it reinforces Israel’s belief that it can continue on its present path and also gain increased benefits from the EU.

sample meeting request letter

Mr. Vital Moreira, MEP
Chair, International Trade Committee (ITRE)
European Parliament
25 February 2012

Dear Mr. Moreira,

I am writing to request a meeting about three aspects of the European Union?s relationship with Israel.

The first is the forthcoming Horizon 2020 Framework Research programme. We believe Israeli companies which provide services to settlements or the occupation authorities, or provide weaponry or security technology for use in the Occupied Territories, or are otherwise active in the Occupied Territories, should not be included in Horizon 2020. We believe that would continue the situation in which the EU is compromised by indirectly supporting the occupation and the settlement project. It would also be contrary to the spirit of EU Association Agreement.

The second is the general issue of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, which we believe should be suspended. At the least, there should be no upgrade of the Agreement, or any of the sub-agreements, nor should there be a new Scientific and Technical Cooperation Agreement. It is self-evident from past behaviour that enhancing the benefits of the EU-Israel Association Agreement to Israel has not influenced Israeli governments in the slightest to end, or even moderate, the occupation or the settlement project. The many disapproving statements by the High Representative and her predecessor have clearly had no effect either. Further enhancements will only encourage Israeli governments to think they can continue on their present path and simultaneously enjoy growing benefits from the European Union.

The third is the issue of settlement goods. We understand that goods produced in settlements, both agricultural produce and manufactured products, are still being labeled as if they were produced in Israel, and exported to European Union countries free of tariffs. This is contrary to the rules of the EU-Israel Association Agreement and also prevents European consumers from exercising informed choice about whether to buy settlement goods. We appreciate that it is difficult to police the mislabeling practices, but we believe stronger efforts should be made to do so.

Our group will be in Brussels from Monday 19 March to Thursday 22 March. We represent European Jews for a Just Peace, to which each of our national groups belongs. My two colleagues on this trip are Dror Feiler, Chair of EJJP and of Jews for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Judar for Israelisk-Palestinsk Fred), Stockholm, and Board Member of the EJJP Foundation; and Max Wieselmann, Board Member of the EJJP Foundation and director of A Different Jewish Voice (Een Ander Joods Geluid), Amsterdam. Either or both Mr. Feiler or Mr. Wieselmann will accompany me at the meeting. I have attached a brief description of EJJP.

I hope to hear from you shortly.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur Goodman,
European Jews for a Just Peace,
Parliamentary and Diplomatic Liaison Officer, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, London

Table of Meetings 19-22 March 2012

Participants: Arthur Goodman (JFJFP), Max Wieselmann (EAJG)

Monday 19 MarchTuesday 20 MarchWednesday 21 MarchThursday 22 March
9:30, Lotte Taylor, Cabinet Member,Tax & Customs, etc. Directorate.
9.00, Charles Tannock, UK, Cons, AFET, DROI, SEDE (Sub), (called away, we met James Warwick, Assist.)8:45, Agnes Bertrand, Aprodev. For consult.
10.00, Andre Corrado, Israel-Pal expert, INTA secretariat.
11:30, Lieke Biesemans, Policy Asst. to McMillan-Scott, (Parl. V.P.),
11:00 Nicole Sinclaire, UK, non-aligned, DROI, 11:30, Keith Taylor, UK, Green, INTA, Pal. Deleg. 11:00, Gallagher, Deputy Div. Head, EEAS.
12ish, lunch in ASP.
12:30 David Campbell Bann UK, Cons, INTA 37
13:00 hold for lunch12:15ish. To ASP for lunch.
13:00-13:30, Veronique de Keyser, Bel, Soc., AFET & DROI, Pal deleg.,
13:40, Hakala, +3. ( Parl. Policy Dept., external policies, DROI secretariat, etc.) 13:30 hold for lunch14.00, Fiona Hall, UK, Lib Dem, ITRE, 13:00. Marita Ulvskog, Sw, Soc. Dem., ITRE
15:00 Elena PERESSO (Unit Head) & Vincent STUER. Trade Commission, 15:30, Ria OOMEN-RUIJTEN, Nl, CD, AFET & DROI

15:30 Robert Bray, JURI secretariat, acting Head of Unit.
16:30 Chris Davies, UK,Lib Dem, Pal. & Israel delegs, advice meeting, 14:30, Alex Anastassiades, Policy Assist. Robert Sturdy, UK Cons, Vice-Chair INTA. 16:30 Nirj Deva, UK, Cons. DROI 16:30 Laurent Bocherau, (Head, Int. Rel.), Olga Kopiczko (lawyer), Research & Innovation Directorate,
17:30 Wim Van de Camp, NL, CD, DROI, 17:3017:30 Sean Kelly, Ire, CD, ITRE (Sub). 17:30, Alexandra Thein, G, JURI, Lib. Pal & Israel delegs,