EJJP – Delegation to Israel/Palestinian Occupied Territories, (29th November-8th December 2004)

January 1, 2005

Delegation Members:

  • Dror Feiler, EJJP Chairman, Sweden
  • Erella Grassiani, EAGJ Board member, Netherlands
  • Dan Judelson, EJJP Executive Committee, UK
  • Jean Claude Meyer, UJFP Board member, France
  • Daniela Vorburger, EJJP Executive Committee, Switzerland

Meetings held with:

  1. Nawaf Massalha, International Secretary, Histadrut
  2. Roman Bronfman, MK (Yahad)
  3. Amram Mitzna, MK (Labour)
  4. Azmi Bishara, MK (Balad)
  5. Jeff Halper, ICAHD
  6. Abdullah Abdullah, Palestinian Deputy Foreign Minister
  7. Yasser Abed Rabbo, Palestine Peace Coalition (Palestinian end of the Geneva Initiative)
  8. Mohammed Aruri, Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU)
  9. Tahsin Ariane, Al Haq, (“The Law”)
  10. Mustafa Barghouti, Palestine National Initiative
  11. Dr Jihad Mahshal & Dr Alam Jarrar, Palestine Medical Relief Committee
  12. FIDA/Palestinian Democratic Union
  13. Daniel Levy, Geneva Initiative,
  14. Michele Warshawsky, Alternative Information Centre
  15. Mohammed Dahleh, Lawyer
  16. Kanaan Al Jamal, PA Negotiation Affairs Department
  17. Ruth Hiller, Analine Kish, Ronit Marianne Kadishay, New Profile
  18. Neil Wigan, British Embassy
  19. Bob Hiensch, Dutch Ambassador
  20. Emanuele Giaufret, EU Embassy

In addition:

  1. PHR trip to Qabalan, Occupied West Bank
  2. ICAHD Reception (Jerusalem),
  3. WIB demonstration, (Jerusalem)
  4. Members of the delegation also had several individual meetings with personal contacts including journalists, refuseniks and peace activists that are not included here as they were not attended by all members of the delegation and offered contexts rather than information.
  5. We also met, as a delegation, a number of Palestinian grass roots activists, mainly from Fatah, but whose names we either did not take, or did not note down for their security.