EJJP Urgent Appeal to Angela Merkel, President of the Council of Ministers

March 28, 2007

EU Council of Ministers
President Dr. Angela Merkel
Rue de la Loi 16
Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel
Willy-Brandt-Stra├če 1
10557 BERLIN

Dr. Angela Merkel, President of the Council of Ministers of the European Union

EU Governments

Welcome the Palestinian National Unity Government and recognize it now!

The Palestinians, a people under military occupation, have had many demands placed on them. Appointing a Prime Minister (first they had to create the post, then find someone to fill it). Holding democratic elections (not once, but twice, despite the fact that candidates were prevented from campaigning and voters from voting). The formation of a National Unity Government, involving so many political parties, was a big step, demanding of all sides tough compromises under extremely difficult conditions.

Every obstacle has been overcome, every hoop has been jumped through. Yet the rewards are still withheld and the Palestinian Authority faces a Western boycott that is morally unjustified, politically myopic and dangerously unpragmatic. The European Union is currently guilty of applying one rule to the PA and quite another to the Government of Israel. While Israeli goods are imported into Europe on preferential terms, despite constant human rights violations by Israel and its contravention of international law, the Palestinians are shunned, both economically and politically. Even now, after the formation of a National Unity Government, only some European countries are seizing the initiative to recognize it and lift the boycott.

Thus, European Jews for a Just Peace calls on the President of the EU Council , Dr. Angela Merkel: Madame President, support the immediate recognition of the Palestinian Government and the cancellation of all economic, social and political restrictions which have been placed upon it. The EU council and all Governments of the European Union should recognize the opportunity to revive the peace process with Israel which has opened with the swearing in of the Palestinian Government.Time is precious. It must not be wasted.

Trust is based on reciprocity. The historical experience of the Palestinian people has been that Israel has shifted its state borders frequently and always to the detriment of the Palestinians. The PLO, as the representative of the Palestinian people, has long recognized the borders of 4 June 1967. All political parties of the Government will be obliged to recognize these borders if there is an assurance that the resolutions passed by the Security Council of the United Nations are binding and that any unilateral change to the borders of 1967 are out of the question.

Politicians and diplomats make history when they acknowledge the need to shape events instead of reacting to them. There exists the chance to shape things for the better in Israel and Palestine, to reduce tension rather than increase it. An entire new chapter to end the occupation might be opened, if only someone will turn the page.

EJJPExecutive Committee, March 28, 2007